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The ARRIVE Trial Abstract – WOW!

For the last few weeks I’ve been wondering how I was going to start my blog. Where do I even begin. I am so passionate about birth and my thoughts come in two forms: long rants and quick bursts of excitement, both usually sparked by something random that I’ve heard, seen, or learned recently. How in the world do I start my page when all I want to do is educate everyone on everything I know about birth. Well you guys, the idea just fell in my lap as I was browsing for a podcast.

How better to begin than with a bang, let’s talk about the ARRIVE trial abstract as I feel it is urgent for people to be aware of this trial and it’s possible effects. I also feel it is urgent for people to know the thoughts of the birth community on this subject, so here we go.

Let me tell you a little bit about it. This study was conducted on 6106 “low risk” first time pregnant women. Half of the women were inducted at 39 weeks while the other half were allowed to forego elective delivery before 40 weeks and 5/7 and be delivered no later than 42 weeks and 2/7. The overall outcome of the study was that the women induced at 39 weeks had a lower rate of c-sections.

This sounds great, right? Actually when I first heard it, though my gut said no, I was thinking, “Could I be wrong about everything I believe?” (I try to be open minded y’all.)

However, there are so many things that are not represented by this abstract. Let me point out, it is an abstract and the whole study has not yet been released but as a birth professional, I encourage you all to look deeper, to think and read about the many things that may be overlooked in this study. I think many of us in the birth community are afraid of this, not because it may change how birth is approached for the better, but that it may change the way birth is approached too soon, without enough evidence. So here I am, encouraging you and giving you resources, that if you have heard of the ARRIVE trial, or if your provider is encouraging you to be induced, or if you’re simply curious about birth practices, do your research. Since I could write for days on this trial and more than what I could say has already been said more eloquently, I simply want to link you to knowledge. See below.


I highly encourage you to listen to the Birthful Podcast episode on this study. This is what initially drew my attention to this matter and was a fantastic starter resource.

Birthful Podcast: Elective Inductions to Reduse the Cesarean Rate?

and read This Post by Sharon Muza who appears on aforementioned podcast.

Please also see the ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) and ACNM (American College of Nurse Midwives) statements on this trial abstract.

Have you read the trial? What are your thoughts so far?

The ARRIVE Trial


I can’t wait to see the full study when it is released!

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